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Creature World is an art project by 23-year-old NYC based artist Danny Cole dedicated to bringing a dream world to life.

At the center of this world is The Creature: a manifestation of the universal human spirit that exists purely without age, gender, or nation.

Over the last four years, Cole’s colorful creations have inspired a cult following and a vibrant market for his artwork.

Creature World produces fine art, immersive exhibitions, clothing, and physical goods. Currently, a TV show, fashion label, video game, and an array of special projects are in the works.

The journey began with Cole painting in his high school bedroom, making pictures of the same dream world he had escaped to since childhood. At the age of 18, Cole forewent college, moving to New York to share his vision with the world.

The Creature was first embraced and amplified by NYC youth culture. Cole and Creature World’s creative formula in NYC was a simple one: dream it, make it happen, and make sure everyone knows about it. Paintings, graffiti, and clothing entered the city’s visual landscape and people from all walks of life showed up in droves to his art shows.

The world quickly began to take notice. Between the years of 2017 and 2020, Cole and Creature World were championed by - and invited to collaborate - with some of the biggest names in music, fine art, and culture. Danny and The Creature soon took on the main stage of Coachella, live immersive art experiences, performances in collaboration with rock and roll icons like Portugal. The Man and Cage The Elephant, and landed in the gallery of Shephard Fairey.

When the pandemic halted live activations, Danny explored new ways to bring Creatures to life in the digital world.

Over the summer of ‘21, he launched a 10,000 piece digital artwork collection of unique immersive artworks starring The Creature.

The project became an overnight success - selling out in just 13 minutes. Since its release last year, the collection has wound up in the hands of over 60,000 people and currently ranks among the top 50 highest-selling digital art collections of all time.

It is now in the top 3 highest ranked digital art collections by a traditional fine artist ever.

Collectors of the art now encompass cultural figureheads, including Shaquille O’Neal, The Winklevoss Twins, Sia, and Steve Aoki.

The explosion of the digital collection introduced all of Creature World’s creative output to an astronomically larger audience.

Creature World’s scale and ambition skyrocketed throughout 2021 and ‘22 as the Creature found its way around the globe.

Creature World entered the fashion sphere with the release of a freshman clothing capsule in 2022, garnering critical acclaim from Complex, GQ, Forbes…

Creature World’s art shows followed suit — including the unveiling of a new 80 foot inflatable sculpture – The Creature Playground – which sold out the 2200-capacity Hammerstein Ballroom twice over.

The Creature made it all the way to the cover of Office Magazine, New York’s cultural stamp of approval.

Creature World’s energy is at an all time high and the stage is set.

The Creature has now made friends around the world, and we’re in the studio making sure the next times The Creature says hello, it’s louder than ever. We started this as kids that thought dreams could be real, and now we have lived enough life to know dreams are real… when you make them. So we’re dreaming bigger.

Selected Projects

The 10,000 Piece Collection

The Traveling Creature

Creature World - Clothing (with Advisry)

A F$*king Weekend in the Creature World

Creature Playground NYC

Holly Cow